• Full disclosure: I've known Lisa since sophomore year of college and we've been friends ever since. She's come to my aid twice in the last five years, first to help me clean out my parents' apartment in Florida and later my aunt's place in Queens. She's amazing. In less time than I could have decided between donate or dispose, she had the job done. Efficient, professional, reliable--and funny as hell. What more could you ask for?                                                                                                         Lauren S.

• Lisa is an absolute pleasure to work with. I am very happy with her recommendations and would strongly refer her to anyone looking for interior design work.
Rush M.

• Lisa was a lifesaver. Her help was priceless. She quickly found solutions for annoying organizing challenges that bothered us for years. Lisa was creative and conscientious. She picked out the perfect paint colors and painted the walls beautifully.
Israel S.             

• Lisa was warm, easy-going, a breath of fresh air. In just 3 hours she reorganized my closets, moved my bedroom around, helped me get rid of a car full of unwanted stuff, and gave me inspiration and recommendations for new pieces to spruce up the place.
Nancy K. 

• What a pleasure working with Lisa. She is smart, creative, and energetic. I will know where to go next time!
Nancy H. 

• Lisa was a blast to work with. Aside from her professional degrees and numerous years of experience as both a project manager for new homes and organizing, she was a pleasure to be with and provided great companionship as a friend while tackling this.
Nadeem W. 

• Lisa was great. My room was in such a state that I never let anyone see it. She didn't even blink an eye. Totally down to earth, she worked fast and totally on my comfort level. Just 'good people'. I was aiming for getting 30% done. We got 99% done. A+! Thanks!

• Very helpful and focused. Lisa helped with organizing, straightening, and providing some design ideas for our guest and baby's room. I could use her help everywhere - and I'm sure you could too!
Melanie C. 

• Lisa was AMAZING! Her work is beyond amazing, and I absolutely loved her personable outgoing personality! I would hire Lisa a million more times!!!!!
Carrie R. 

• Lisa did a great job! Punctual, professional, efficient and very pleasant to work with.
Chris F.